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Marketing Professor Presents Research Paper at CIEMB

International Marketing ProfessorDr. Amanpreet Chhina, presented her latest research paper online at the International Conference on Contemporary Issues in Economics, Management and Business (3rd CIEMB 2020) organized by National Economics University in Hanoi, Vietnam on November 19th.
The objective of the conference was to create a forum for scholars from different academic fields of economics, business, and management to exchange and present their research. The conference will provide a platform for debates on contemporary issues of the aforementioned fields, and supporting strategies to stimulate sustainable worldwide growth and development.
Amanpreet’s paper titled "Sustainable fashion consumption behaviour in female youth – Are the 7Rs a driving force towards a greener future?" focused on the 7Rs of Fashion as a driving force of sustainable consumption in the female youth population. The Theory of Planned Behaviour (social cognitive model) was followed to analyze the volitional behaviour of the consumers. This study provided a framework for the relevance of the 7Rs in increasing sustainable consumption among Generation Z and emphasized the importance of these practices in relation to a greener future.
It determined that 7Rs have the potential to be a driving force if they are emphasized in business, marketing, and government action plans towards a sustainable future. The paper was well received and will be published in the conference proceedings. 

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Amanpreet Chhina