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Longo Faculty of Business Placement Advisor Presented With the Community Ambassador Award

On September 17, 2022, our very own, Placement Advisor, Sanjukta Das received the Community Ambassador Award from Landed for Success, at their annual Business Expo. The Landed for Success community is a place where professionals can network, learn, collaborate, meet investors, learn new skills, and grow their businesses globally. Through continuous networking and collaboration with the “Landed for Success” community, Sanjukta has facilitated many successful WIL opportunities for our students. Seventeen LFB students attended the Expo and so far, 12 students have secured their WIL Experience for the Fall semester in marketing, social media support, customer service, content creation and digital marketing. Congratulations Sanjukta! Very proud of you.

Inspiring thoughts and words from LFB Placement Advisor Sanjukta Das:

“First and foremost, I would like to say how humbled and appreciative I am to receive this recognition of a "Community Ambassador" from Landed For Success Business Expo 2022, an organization that epitomizes so many of the values that are important to me.

What an honour it was yesterday to be surrounded by my Humber Work Integrated Learning students of the Longo Business School and be recognized for the work that I do with passion and sincerity, connecting business leaders and our students in the community.

It was indeed a day of profound inspiration, motivation and deep introspection to keep prioritizing “myself” in order to give back more! Events like this remind me of my responsibility in the community.

Thank you, Canada! Thank you, Humber College! You give me loads to be thankful for, as a professional immigrant woman.

Specially the unending opportunities to serve the people around me with my limited skills and capabilities. And in my role as an "educator” contributing directly to the student community…
Not forgetting my international students…
Who need a little hand-holding to connect with the real business world outside the college campus.

So yes, yesterday, it was empowering to be surrounded by my Humber students, who stretched out of their comfort zone to come and network on a Saturday afternoon and hear the motivational speakers, and connect with them, personally. It was my duty to give them this hands-on experience of walking into a room full of unknown Business Leaders and feel the discomfort of reaching out to them only to walk away with some rich experience of earning contacts and placement opportunities for their semester curriculum. Yes, they looked lost first, but the reassuring fact was, I was there around them, and I advocated about the student-employer partnership in placement opportunities provided, highlighting the “win-win” scenario, when I went up to speak. I also made it a point to speak about the enthusiasm of our students present that afternoon and how hiring them is an investment in the development of a future business professional.

I will also take a minute to say how grateful I am to LinkedIn for connecting me to the Leaders of Landed for Success. The partnership began when I invited them to be guest speakers to our business students during the lockdown in 2020. That morning they had an audience of 380 students, listening to them, virtually.

And it will not be an exaggeration to extend my deepest thanks to many here on LinkedIn... With whom I have shared many inspiring conversations that became shared visions that are now realities, regarding Work Integrated Learning opportunities for my Business Diploma students. It took the hearts, minds, and persistence of so many of you here on this professional portal to make many opportunities happen for them, to graduate, allowing them to integrate into the Canadian labour market.

We have definitely shown that together we can make anything happen. I am truly grateful to many here and I deeply honour, acknowledge, and fully accept that you played a role in my present reality, as a placement advisor in the Longo Business School.”

Sanjukta Das

Group photo from the event

Group photo from the event

Through continuous networking and collaboration with the “Landed for Success” community, Sanjukta has facilitated many successful WIL opportunities for our students.

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