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Humber’s Beyond COVID-19: Global Systems Gap Challenge

Over the course of six weeks, this past spring/summer (May 17-June 15th) a significant number of Longo Faculty of Business community members participated in this year's iteration of the Global Systems Gap Challenge run by Humber Global.

In partnership with the City of Toronto and a panel of academic and industry experts, Humber challenged students to consider sustainable and systemic change to life after the global COVID-19 pandemic in one of four categories: Arts & Culture; Health & Wellness; Economic Development; and Social Innovation.

Working collaboratively and creatively, 564 students living in 33 different countries came together in 73 teams. Students came from Humber (302), one of Humber’s partner institutions, or were perspective students making this Challenge a great opportunity for all to widen their networks. The students met each week to learn, take on mini-challenges, and develop a final project addressing a research question for one of their chosen four categories. During this process, the students were supported by volunteer mentors. Students and mentors showed their ingenuity and flexibility while building their cross-cultural communication skills to negotiate multiple time zones, technology gaps, and thought-provoking assignments.

Longo Faculty of Business was well represented at the Challenge with 111 FB students participating and 19 Faculty and staff volunteering as mentors. Cheryl Mitchell from the CfE created a number of research questions for the teams as well. WIL hours for those eligible and recognition for co-curricular record have been provided. Thirteen, Longo Faculty of Business students were part of all eight winning teams! Seven FB were part of three of the four Honorable Mention teams. The winning submissions can be viewed online. Congratulations to all participants.

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