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Humber Students Win Grand Prize at World Wildlife Fund’s Designing Change for a Living Planet Competition

On Saturday, March 24th, International Development undergraduate Graham Budgeon, along with 5 other students from Humber College, participated in the World Wildlife Fund’s first ever Designing Change for a Living Planet Competition. While teams from 15 Ontario Universities and Colleges participated, the team from Humber took home the grand prize!

Humber College is a pilot member of the WWF Living Planet @ Campus for post-secondary schools in Ontario. The Office of Sustainability also served on the competition’s steering committee over the last 4 months and helped develop the program that included support of over 10 industry partners and subject matter experts.

The goal of the competition was to develop a disruptive innovation idea solving a day-to-day sustainability issue. Student participants were provided 2 hours to develop their idea and present it to over 80 audience members and 3 judges. Humber students presented a concept that involved an app with an algorithm connecting tenants, landlords and roommates to encourage lower footprint co-living (even taking into consideration childcare, meal sharing, transportation, and food gardens). The students won the grand cash prize of $1,200 and an opportunity to meet with an industry leader.

A huge congratulations to the following students:

Group of student competitors at designing change competition