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Humber Students Organize Fashion Show Fundraiser

On Thursday May 24th, 2018, a committee of Humber Event and Fashion students and faculty put on a fashion show at the Fierce and Fabulous Gala, a social event empowering youth and women in Peel. The event was hosted by Peel Children’s aid and all proceeds went to marginalized children in their care.

The event was organized by the Humber Event and Fashion Postgraduate programs. The fashion show was produced, sourced and directed by Fashion Management Postgraduate Diliana Karaleeva. The Fabulous and Fierce Humber Event was organized by the Event Postgraduate student Alisha Smith. Humber students and Faculty worked together to showcase how connected every program in Humber is and how students and faculty in Humber come together for a charity event. The Humber programs represented were Fashion Arts, Fashion Management, Event Management, Cosmetology and Photography and comprised the behind the scenes crew of stylists, hair (Sebastian Blagdon), makeup and photography (Paul Dygon). The students were led by Jim Stone (Professor, Event Management) and Rossie Kadiyska (Fashion and Event Program Coordinator). The show aimed to highlight real people of all nationalities, shapes, sizes and demographics. The fashion show looks were provided by Smithery Style. Although the show ran for eight minutes, it took over a month to plan and it was produced on a zero-based budgeting system.

Renae Addis, director of Peel Children’s Aid sent an email to the committee stating, “you were a huge support and because of the wonderful fashion show that you put on for us we had our best year ever! We were able to raise over $63,000 with the support of the wonderful volunteers and students from Humber College”. Mississauga mayor Bonnie Crombie, a nominee for the Fierce and Fabulous award, was very pleased with the entire event, including the Humber Fashion show. It was a night to remember, especially to all the students who were given the chance to bring their educations to life and were trusted with such an important aspect of the event.

Fashion and Event students at the Fierce and the Fab fashion show fundraiser