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Humber IGS Students Excel in ERPsim Maple Game Challenge

Students enrolled in the Business Processes 1 - SCM5002 course, recently participated in the ERPsim Maple Game Challenge and demonstrated remarkable skills.

The challenge was attended by students from various colleges and universities and involved the use of an ERPsim program. ERPsim is a real-time business simulation that runs inside Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing (SAP). In the competition, the students applied all of the business knowledge learned in the Supply Chain Management (SCM) program to make strategic decisions about their virtual company and input their plans to SAP S/4HANA using SAP Fiori. The winner was determined by the virtual company with the highest valuation at the end of the three-round game.

The Humber Team players displayed impressive skills, learned new insights and secured an outstanding achievement by placing second and third in the challenge. The top three teams will receive an award certificate from ERPsim. Congratulations to the following players who placed second and third in the challenge.

Second-place winners:

  • Khurana Apar
  • Dhawan Aryan
  • Juneja Mihir
  • Deodhar Sakshi Kishor
  • Puthran Vijesh Shailesh

Third-place winners:

  • Neville John
  • Shah Ronak
  • Sharma Vinita
  • Agarwal Shubham

The SCM students' exceptional performance is a testament to Humber's commitment to academic excellence and preparing students for success in their careers.

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Humber IGS Team at the ERPsim Maple Game Challenge

Humber IGS Team at the ERPsim Maple Game Challenge

All of the teams in a computer lab at the ERPsim Maple Game Challenge