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Humber College Student and Faculty Receive Awards After Joining IEOM as Newest Chapter Member

Humber celebrated its first year at the Industrial Engineering and Operations Management (IEOM) organization last month.

The IEOM is an international non-for-profit firm that’s core purpose is to, “Globally foster critical thinking and its effective utilization in the field of Industrial Engineering (IE) and Operations Management (OM) by providing means to communicate and network among diversified people, especially in emerging countries, motivated by similar interests”. Essentially, IEOM is one of the most critically acclaimed global organizations that enables internationally recognized companies and post-secondary institutions to come together and share their new innovative ideas on a common platform. These ideas are then used to further improve the engineering and logistics industries with the hopes of truly making a difference throughout the world.

IEOM has over fifty student chapters located in over thirty countries globally. Canada contains six of those chapters - with Humber’s chapter being the newest addition to the list. Humber College joined other Canadian universities among these chapters, which until recently, comprised of only five Canadian universities including Concordia University, Polytechnique Montreal, University of New Brunswick at Fredericton, University of Waterloo, and the University of Windsor. 

Humber’s chapter compromises over ten students and is lead by Student Chapter President Paul-Michael Broz alongside faculty advisors Humber Lakeshore Associate Dean Dr. Paul Griffin and Bachelor of Commerce - Supply Chain Management program Professor Nabeel Mandahawi.

During the fifth North American International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management Paul-Michael Broz received the Outstanding Student Leadership Award. Dr. Nabeel Mandahawi and Dr. Paul Griffin received the Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award.

Paul Griffin

Humber Lakeshore Associate Dean Dr. Paul Griffin

Bachelor of Commerce - Supply Chain Management program Professor Nabeel Mandahawi

Bachelor of Commerce - Supply Chain Management student Paul-Michael Broz

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