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Humber at Home

As we adjust to working and learning at home, it’s important to stay connected to each other. Online learning can be an opportunity to create a more engaging, interactive, and collaborative environment for everyone.

To help keep us all connected, we have compiled a list of positive feedback from the Longo Faculty of Business community who have taken full advantage of the available technology and transitioned from in-class to online.


"Just one out of 42 faced technical issues. I was able to help."
- Bhupendra Malhotra, Human Resource Management System (HRMS) Change Agent

"My virtual class went well last week. Considering it's an 8 am class there was still an average turnout and the lesson went smoothly."
- Klaudia Capalbo, Fashion Arts and Business Professor

"My colleagues have been really supportive to give a helping hand whenever required. My online session with my classes went absolutely great this week. The transition has been really smooth so far."
- Mandeep Sidhu, Economics Professor

"I just completed back-to-back online classes for FUND program. Engagement was a bit of a struggle but attendance and participation were better than I thought. Overall a positive experience."
- Peter Hoppe, Fundraising Management Professor

"Online teaching is going extremely well. I am in touch with my students 24/7, being extremely positive, created extra materials, extra practice tests, etc."
- Beata Cioncka, Accounting Professor

"Online class yesterday went well - but tough start-up issues. We had a guest speaker for the first hour of class, a short break and then lecture. It’s hard to gauge dialogue, questions or discussions but we muddled through. Class presentations start next week, should be fun."
- Wendy Feldman, Adjunct Instructor

"Collaboration is great, although I miss the interaction. I have also encouraged students to use the discussion board as a way to communicate with each other."
- Janice Charko, Accounting Professor

"Thanks for all the help and support. There are a million "meetings" happening every day between different members of the team and when this is done you will have an ARMY of seasoned on-line teaching pros! I just wanted to let you know that we can see and feel the support and that's a huge help."
- Janet Latremouille, Hospitality Instructor

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  • Humber staff meeting on Zoom
  • Humber staff meeting on Zoom
  • Humber staff meeting on Zoom

Student at home on her laptop

Challenges during COVID-19 means students need to be flexible, adapt to new teaching methods and support all colleagues. Strategic Management students Chiara Carrozzi, Matt Stoddart, Brittiney-Baguio Snow and Jessica Cole exemplified this during their “virtual in-class” Case Study using Blackboard Collaborate. Photo Credit: Chiara Carozzi