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HELIX Summer Institute Helps Students Develop Entrepreneurial Skills

As part of the Humber Seneca Polytechnic Partnership (HSPP), the Longo Centre for Entrepreneurship (CfE) partnered with Seneca HELIX for the annual Summer Institute. 

HELIX is dedicated to developing an entrepreneurial mindset and is accomplished by providing students with the knowledge, mentorship, sessions, workspace, access to a like-minded peer community, and experiential opportunities to achieve their goals. 

The fourth annual 2020 HELIX Summer Institute was conducted virtually from August 17th - 24th. This year, along with Southlake Regional Healthcare, York Region, ventureLAB, and Seneca, the CfE worked with partners to expose participants to experiential learning by working with real clients on real business problems. In just six days participants were provided with the opportunity to develop their skills and given access to some of the best mentors in innovation and entrepreneurship in the region.

Participants worked in teams from different disciplines with partners to develop a solution to a problem faced by Southlake and all hospitals. Throughout the week, teams worked together on presentations, workshops, and mentorships to present a solution to Southlake. 

Each team used the tools provided in the HELIX Summer Institute to improve the patient experience as Southlake slowly ramped up services again following a scaling down of elective and out-patient services due to COVID-19. The experience allowed participants to learn how technology and new approaches to patient experience can be leveraged to improve experiences at Southlake.

The CfE mentors participated throughout the week and included:

  • Alexander Shvarts, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences faculty member
  • Devon Fernandes, Sustainability Specialist
  • Krista Jennings, Author, Speaker, and Business Strategist
  • Luiza Sadowski, Community/Stakeholder Relations and Communications Manager, Metrolinx
  • Naeema Farooqi, Faculty of Media and Creative Arts faculty member
  • Stephen Eiler, Longo Faculty of Business faculty member
  • Cheryl Mitchell, Longo Faculty of Business CfE Director

The mentors were also on was on the final panel and had the privilege of listening to all the innovative solutions from each team.

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2020 HELIX Summer Institute participants over Zoom