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Guest Speaker Supports Student Learning

The Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) Centre was pleased to welcome Karlene A. Millwood, who addressed students in their final semester on the topic of “Leadership Essentials for the New Employee: Leading Your Career into The Future”. It was a full house event with 100 students in attendance.

Karlene is an award-winning author, screenwriter, playwright, speaker, and life strategist passionate about empowering others and helping them live their best life. She is a well-rounded leader, having previously co-chaired the Women’s Internal Support Network (WISN) at the Toronto Police Service for two years, and led the women’s ministry at her church for another year and a half.

Through this interactive and engaging session, Karlene served as a great role model for the students, highlighting situations in which they could relate. She recounted details about her job loss in 2015 and resolved that it would be the last time someone else would make a decision about her life without her permission. Karlene decided to pursue her passion with vigour and within a year and a half, redefined herself from corporate employee to entrepreneurial leadership strategist, Amazon #1 bestselling author, Keynote Speaker, and Filmmaker.

Karlene's voice was a critical addition to what WIL Centre aims on delivering to students who are prepared to transition to the business world. Her insistence to find happiness in a career led to one of the following student's remarks, “One of my doubts/ concerns while pursuing business was that I would not be able to chase my other endeavors to make a difference in others' lives and give back to society. Even though I had a great interest in business, I thought that it would ultimately take up too much time and prevent me from doing so. She demonstrated that this was possible and it was very inspiring to hear what she had to say.”

Karlene helps her clients overcome the hurdles and obstacles that hinder them from becoming more confident leaders and entrepreneurs. She provides tools to deconstruct fear, anxiety, and uncertainty and helps clients redefine themselves.

Since the event, many students in attendance have connected with Karlene on LinkedIn as a professional contact to keep in touch with.

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Karlene Millwood