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Guest Speaker Shares Expertise on How to Seek Employers on LinkedIn

On July 9th, the Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) Centre welcomed Zak Quintanilla, from Novatech.

Zak discussed his experience in business analysis - working with businesses to analyze data behind the output of devices, and also ensuring that these businesses are efficient at saving costs.

He shared his experiences of being laid off during the beginning of the pandemic and provided tips on how to conduct an effective job search during COVID-19.

Zak provided examples of the unique visual content he created and shared on LinkedIn to intrigue employers and led to a significant increase in the number of his LinkedIn profile views. He also emphasized that consistency with job searching is key as well as an organized daily schedule to stay on track, and the use of LinkedIn Sales Navigator to connect with specific individuals.

Students were also able to ask Zak questions directly regarding networking, LinkedIn, and conducting informational interviews.

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Zak Quintanilla speaking to students over Zoom