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Fashion Students Host Thrift Shop Pop-Up

By Nathalie Gomez, Humber Styles - Fashion Squad Lead and Bachelor of Commerce – Fashion Management student

On March 30th, the fashion students held a thrift shop pop-up event on the Lakeshore campus to celebrate Earth Month. The Sustainable Fashion Committee, alongside Humber’s Office of Sustainability and First Year Experience (FYE), came together to promote buying second-hand clothing. Program Co-ordinators, Francesca D’Angelo and Rossie Kadiyska organized the “Wear It Sustainable” event surpassing expectations with impressive student participation.

"The pop-up shop received sponsorship from The Leadership Initiative Fund (LIF), with fashion student Nathalie Gomez, leader of the Fashion Squad, winning the inaugural LIF award. This support played a pivotal role in providing the necessary equipment, assistance, and promotion required to ensure the event's success. The Leadership Initiative Fund recognizes the creation of projects on campus to develop a healthy and inclusive community.

In the weeks leading up to the event, volunteers aided in decorating clothing donation boxes, providing an accessible avenue for students, staff, and community members to contribute their gently used garments throughout the month of March. These collected clothes were made available at affordable prices, catering to students and staff seeking quality pieces on a budget. Passionate fashion enthusiasts seized the opportunity to shop for new outfits priced at $9, while also enjoying the chance to win one of five $25 gift cards. Additionally, participants had the privilege of engaging with other stands and activities that supported the Earth Month celebration, fostering an atmosphere of all-encompassing engagement and sustainable advocacy.

Wear It Sustainable partnered with the ‘Humber Styles - Fashion Squad’, a  team consisting of Nathalie Gomez, Iren Minka, and Krystyna Kalishevska, to provide assistance to students in assembling outfits and dressing for success. The trio showcased a variety of outfits and shared styling tips. Beyond their on-site contributions, the squad actively generates social media content for @humberfashionpostgrad, @humberboutique, and @infusehumber to amplify the promotion of fashion events taking place on campus.

During the event, an array of clothing items found new homes, with prices never exceeding seven dollars. Through this collective effort, approximately $200 was raised, highlighting the community's commitment to supporting organizations dedicated to second-hand clothing and providing garments to those in need. The significance of thrift shop fashion cannot be understated, as it contributes to a reduction in carbon emissions while conserving resources such as water and energy. This sustainable approach not only benefits the environment but also empowers low-income individuals and students by granting them access to high-quality, fashionable attire, enabling them to present their best selves and bolster their professional aspirations. The event fostered a sense of confidence among students, who revel in the ability to dress well and exude professionalism while saving money. Additionally, the occasion served as a platform for students to share stories about their second-hand outfits, forging a community of individuals who are passionate about sustainability and vintage fashion.

The success of the event can be attributed to the collective efforts of Humber's Office of Sustainability, the Leadership program, and fashion organizers. With an overwhelmingly positive response from students, it is clear that there is an interest in upcoming fashion events and sustainable shopping opportunities in the semesters to come!

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A student organizing piles of clothing for the thrift shop pop-up event

A rack of clothing at the thrift shop pop-up event

Customers browsing the clothing selection

'Win a giftcard" signage at the thrift shop pop-up event

Customers browsing the clothing selection

Customers browsing a rack of clothing at the thrift shop pop-up event

Two Humber Professors posing with a mannequin at the thrift shop pop-up event

FYE students handing out swag