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Fashion Students Create Works of Art Using Household Items

Under the guidance of Fashion Professor Kimberly Rich, the students of FASH 230 - Store Planning and Visual Merchandising, were instructed to create a look with objects within their immediate environment to develop their creativity and confidence.

The results were impressive as students became resourceful using items such as steel wool, comic books, plastic bags, styrofoam balls, paper towels, garbage bags, and newspapers to complete their projects.

Family members, friends, and pets helped posed for the camera to showcase the students' work.

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  • Child with styrofoam ball adorned dress
    Designer: Jodi Alhayek
  • Vest made out of comic book paper
    Designer: Izzy Bea Miller
  • Dog wearing a paper skirt
    Designer: Evelyn Albanese
  • Manga mask
    Designer: Paulo Fragata
  • Paper towel dress
    Designer: Lavneen Bhaget
  • Paper towel dress 2
    Designer: Jaspreet Kaur
  • Toilet paper dress
    Designer: Uyen Dinh