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Fashion Management Program Coordinator Interviewed by CBC News on Global Trends

Francesca D'Angelo, professor and program coordinator for the Fashion Management program was interviewed by CBC News reporter, Axel Tardieu, on the rise in thrift shopping in Calgary.

During the interview, D'Angelo explained what second-hand retailers in Calgary are experiencing is part of a bigger global trend. "In the last five years, we've seen an increase in both the second-hand shopping experience, as well as donations in the field," she said.

D'Angelo said that Canada is one of the top five markets for resale shoppers in the world. Globally, she said, the thrift market is growing "exponentially," and the second-hand market is competing with fast-fashion.

She also explained that second-hand stores often tout the ability to shop sustainably, but she says social media plays a role too. Younger adults and teens often see online influencers push short-lived trends that change quickly.

The interview aligns with Humber's focus on sustainability in programs, noting that the Fashion Management Ontario Graduate Certificate program offers a specialized stream in sustainability as well as promotions.


Original Article:

In with the old: Calgary second-hand stores say demand high for thrifted wares

By Jade Markus

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