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Fashion Management Program Co-ordinator Gives Interview About Back to School Thrift Shopping

In an interview with CBC News reporter, Sara Frizzell, Francesca D'Angelo, professor and program coordinator for the Fashion Management program, discussed the growing trend of thrift shopping in Calgary.

During the interview, D'Angelo backed up the claim that Gen Zs are driving the second-hand market. "Social media has sped up some trends and many young people feel pressured to curate their online appearance so much that once they're photographed wearing a piece, they don't want to be seen in it again." she said.

She also explained that since trends can come at a cost thrifiting can be a great solution. 

The interview aligns with Humber's focus on sustainability in programs, noting that the Fashion Management Ontario Graduate Certificate program offers a specialized stream in sustainability as well as promotions.


Original Article:

Back to school shopping shifts to thrift

By Sara Frizzel

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