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Longo Faculty of Business Collaborates with ULatina in Offering a Virtual Guest Lecture Series

By Emily Riche

On April 9th, the Longo Faculty of Business held its second lecture in a series of virtual guest lectures strengthening the burgeoning partnership between Humber College and ULatina (Universidad Latina de Costa Rica). Each institution provided a lecture for the students of the other on the topic of hospitality and tourism in their respective countries.

Humber Professor and Program Coordinator Kristy Adams kicked off the lecture series on March 26th with an informative and engaging lecture on Post COVID-19 Recovery in the Canadian Accommodations Sector. In her lecture, Professor Adams illustrated her in-depth knowledge of the industry and hospitality skills in welcoming the students in Spanish. With their poignant questions, the ULatina students proved themselves to be curious and passionate about the tourism industry in Canada.

Two weeks after the first guest lecture, students from the International and Sustainable Tourism course (HTR 282) in the Hospitality – Hotel and Restaurant Operations Management program were treated to a lecture delivered by ULatina Professor Dr. Juan Diego Sánchez Sánchez. Several members of the Longo Faculty of Business were in attendance including Associate Dean Rudi Fischbacher, who welcomed everyone with his opening remarks and student Yudelkys (Yudi) Santana, who thanked Dr. Sánchez at the end of his lecture.

In his lecture, Dr. Sánchez introduced the Humber hospitality students to the geography, people, economy, and language of Costa Rica. He captivated everyone with a practical guide for speaking like a native of Costa Rica, or Ticos, and created a sense of wanderlust in all participants for days when we can travel again. For now, applying the learning in a project for the International and Sustainable Tourism students provided by Dr. Sánchez about Costa Rica's innovative and sustainable tourism industry will have to suffice.

We look forward to strengthening the partnership between Longo Faculty of Business and ULatina in a collaborative online international learning (COIL) project in the upcoming academic year.

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Juan Diego Sanchez

Dr. Juan Diego Sánchez Sánchez