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Esteemed Guest Speakers Emphasize the Importance of Networking

On February 9th, the Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) centre hosted two speakers with two-hundred and ninety students in attendance. Esteemed speakers Jey Jeyakanthan and Gordon So discussed the topic of the "Emerging Business Networking Lifestyle".

Jey Jeyakanthan is an efficacious entrepreneur and exceptional IT professional with over twenty-two years of in-depth knowledge, involvement, experience, and expertise in several trade sectors. This includes business development, project management, social networking, volunteering and business transformation for Fortune-200 companies. Jey is also an International Bestselling Author and Social Media Influencer and is actively involved with many volunteer and advocacy organizations in Canada. He is an acting Director of Sophia Hilton Foundation of Canada and Executive Director of Never Give up Foundation. Apart from his entrepreneurial and management roles and responsibilities, Jey holds an estimable role as a Co-chair at Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School and Beckett Farm Public School, in Markham, Ontario. 

Jey is also the Founder of AVAJ Future Solutions and a Co-Founder of Landed for Success. AVAJ is an information technology and services organization that aids in providing state-of-the-art reliable partner global offerings of software, mobile app development, mobile responsive websites, digital marketing, social media management, and SEO. Landed for Success is a professional establishment that connects businesses, people, leaders and entrepreneurs worldwide. This communal networking platform further assists with promoting commercial ventures and trade collaborations, and predominantly aids with building business partnerships and social networking alliances around the globe.

Gordon So is a serial entrepreneur, the Founder of Social Media Currency, and the Co-Founder of Landed for Success. He also has a strong background in real estate and mortgages.

While speaking about networking, both speakers emphasized the belief that everyone is entitled to network, grow their business with integrity, have access to platforms and opportunities to expand personally and professionally and impact the community.

Both Jay and Gordon are also ardent advocates of networking and their perspective on LinkedIn engagement led the afternoon into an immersive presentation with the students. It was particularly interesting to hear them address "out-of-the-box" options - allowing the thought process of students to be swayed in a positive and open-minded direction.

The guest speaker presentation taught students how to network and connect with industry professionals using LinkedIn. Students were introduced to job prospects they never saw as a possibility before. Listening to Jey and Gordon lecture on the importance of social media and embracing LinkedIn as well as seeing students actively engaged in this virtual event confirmed just how invaluable these learning experiences are within education. Both the speakers demonstrated knowledge, credibility, and leadership expertise.

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Jey Jeyakanthan

Jey Jeyakanthan

Gordon So

Gordon So