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Employer Spotlight: WestJet Airlines

Since our first flight in 1996, we've sought to enrich the lives of everyone in our world by providing safe, friendly, and affordable air travel. Right from the start, we put our guests and our people first; in doing so, we've become one of Canada's most admired and respected corporate cultures. We’ve also had a lot of fun along the way. Today, flying to more than 100 destinations, we stay true to our principles and continue to strive for the highest standards of service and success.

Our Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) Experience

The Humber WIL program is a great fit for our company. Humber keeps us well informed and offers support, if needed. It is a fantastic program for both the interns and our company. The program allows us to see how the students work in our environment and to see if they are a good fit for our company for future employment.

Benefits to our company in hiring a student intern

The benefit WestJet has when hiring an intern is the ability it gives us to see them grow in the role and to see if they are a fit for the airline industry with WestJet for future employment. It has allowed us to make job offers to outstanding interns without the need to go through the entire hiring process because we have firsthand awareness of how well they work in a sometimes highly stressful environment.

How students benefit

The students have the ability to add new skills or enhance skills they already have. They handle many different scenarios from day to day and no two days are the same. They learn to problem solve in a fast paced, time sensitive and demanding environment. Handling flight delays, cancellations and much more the students learn how to manage their time and provide World Class Guest Experience to our travellers. The internship allows a chance for the students to decide if the airline industry is an interest to them for future employment.

Our experience hosting a Humber Longo Faculty of Business student

The internship program has been a very positive experience for our organization. The interns bring a wealth of knowledge of the travel industry from the classroom to the frontline positions we offer. We offer additional training as it pertains to the airline industry and being the forefront of assisting guest and offering them a World Class Guest Experience. The interns accept additional tasks and are eager to learn the industry and our company processes and procedures. They assist with our high levels of traffic by assisting the guests without them having to join a que to speak to a Customer Service Agent. They absolutely contribute to our daily Net Promoter Scores.

Our advice to students starting a WIL Experience

An internship at WestJet is a great learning experience. If you have customer service skills you will enhance them, and if you don’t have any, you will be a pro when you have completed your hours. It is a physically demanding job as you are on your feet for the duration of your shift assisting guests to check in for their flights, but you will meet so many wonderful people and work alongside a great support system with the entire frontline team. The industry operates 365-7-24, so additional advice would be to be prepared to work early in the morning or late at night!

Donna Strathearn, Training Manager

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