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Employer Spotlight: Costa Rica Global Learning Programs

Costa Rica Global Learning Programs is dedicated to customizing reliable and authentic academic programs in Costa Rica that leave a positive and transformative impact on program participants and local communities.

Our Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) Experience

We have been placing Humber Longo Faculty of Business students in various virtual internship placements here in Costa Rica since Winter 2021.

Benefits to our company in hiring a student intern

We have witnessed the positive benefits the students are having in the organizations here in Costa Rica in which we have placed them. For example, several Humber students from different programs of study worked together to bring a community entrepreneurial fair to life in a small, but highly touristed, town in Costa Rica. It is always amazing to see the virtual efforts turn into physical realities here in country when the interns are so far away.

How students benefit

The students are gaining a whole new set of experiences and skills. Not only are the placements virtual, which allows them to develop really important skills in self-management, technology, and independence, but the cross-cultural experience adds an extra layer of learning and skill development.

Our experience hosting a Humber Longo Faculty of Business student

It has been really interesting and exciting for us to welcome so many students of such diverse backgrounds, experience, and talents to work with our company partners in Costa Rica. Many of the students bring a great deal of passion, energy, and ideas to their placements. We have seen a lot of great success over the past year with Humber students.

Our advice to students starting a WIL Experience

Keep in mind that this is your stepping stone into your professional career, and try to use this opportunity to really expand your skillset in the area you're most interested in. Or, if you're trying something outside of your comfort zone, use this time to try out new things, make mistakes, and learn from them. The internship experience is meant to provide you with a experience and the opportunities it can open for you.

Alexis Wren

Alexis Wren, President and Director of Programming

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