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Culinary Students and Staff Participate in the 4th “Annual” Chefs Harvest Party

Humber Culinary students and staff along with over 20 top chefs from all over the GTA volunteered at the 4th Annual Chefs Harvest Party on Saturday Oct. 2, 2021. The event was held outdoors at Thistletown Collegiate Institute in Rexdale. The Fundraiser is a hosted by High School Culinary Teacher, Chef Keith Hoare, and his class of students grades 10-12.

Thistletown Chef's 4th Harvest Party

Female student standing outside during the Thistletown Chef's 4th Harvest Party

Watch the video to see the successful Thistletown Chef's 4th Harvest Party.

This "harvest party" is typically hosted in TCIs backyard near their garden, where chefs utilize the homegrown veggies to prepare sample items for guests to enjoy at their stations. Hundreds of tickets are sold for the event, with the students organizing the event, working it, and assisting all the chefs' stations.

Chef Keith Hoare is active in donating his time and effort to help others. He works selflessly for the betterment of his students and has a lot of friends in the industry that are happy to come out to support his efforts. When he won Top Chef, he used the $10,000 prize to help take his students to Spain. During the pandemic, he created meals with his wife for food insecure families from donated food, some donated from the Humber labs.

This year's fundraiser raised over $20,000 towards the students goals of a 10-day Culinary education tour in Europe. The high school students pay a portion of the trip costs and the remaining funds are raised through the Fundraiser as well as students' efforts, making preserves from their garden, doing pop-up dinners and other events. With the fundraiser goals met, they can now start the planning for a tour of Italy in March of 2022.

We are proud of our Humber students and staff who participated in such a giving event, including the success of the Humber station dish, Humber-made Italian sausages on a fresh baked bun with pepperonata, olive relish and Humber Garden Hot sauce.

Humber culinary students posing outside

Large group taking a picture outside

Humber culinary students posing outside

Humber culinary students standing by food

Humber culinary student serving food

Humber culinary students posing outside

Person using hot sauce

People posing outside

People posing outside

Special thanks to the culinary students and Humber faculty and staff who volunteered their time to help out with the event: Karishma Khanna, Koby Kuloththunkan, Clarizza Amansec, Onur Çelik, Anthony Ciciotti, Shonah Chalmers, Mark Jachecki, Frank Sciabbarrasi and George Taluri.