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Longo Centre for Entrepreneurship Director Presents at CCSBE Conference

Longo Centre for Entrepreneurship (CfE) Director, Cheryl Mitchell, along with Chris Dudley, Director of Seneca HELIX, presented at the Canadian Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (CCSBE) 2020 Virtual Conference. The topic of the presentation was “Changing the entrepreneurial landscape of two Ontario Colleges.

The two-day conference focused on diverse approaches to advancing entrepreneurship across societal sectors as well as countries and adopted a comparative and international perspective in addressing innovation. Researchers, educators, entrepreneurs, administrators, students, and policymakers from all around the world were invited to participate.

CCSBE is the only member-based organization in Canada whose goal is to promote and advance the development of small business and entrepreneurship. The CCSBE plays a key role in providing a collaborative platform for the exchange of ideas, research, and best practices among academics, practitioners, and policy influencers for the benefit of Canadian small business and entrepreneurship.

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