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Business Students Celebrate their Successes at Operations Meeting

On February 26th, four groups of students were invited to the Longo Faculty of Business Operations meeting to share what they've accomplished throughout the year.

The Operations meeting allows Longo Faculty of Business Program Coordinators and administrators to meet monthly to discuss ongoing concerns, receive college wide updates, plan upcoming terms and share innovative ideas and student success stories.

Despite partaking in virtual learning for close to a year, these students have been incredibly busy raising funds, hosting conferences and winning competitions!

The four groups of students included:

Everyone in attendance were impressed and very proud of the student’s commitment to their professional development and for finding a way to continue with all of their goals and initiatives in a virtual environment.

DECAU Team over Zoom

The DECAU Team

DECAU is a business case conference in which students can network with industry professionals, participate in workshops and have the opportunity to display their knowledge through cases that consist of real-life situations.

As DECAU members, Digital Business Management student Devan Shingadia and Healthcare Management student Olivia Klimek spearheaded a presentation on the student-led business club at the Operations meeting.

Both members discussed the importance of DECAU invitational and national events in helping students develop various hard and soft skills such as quick thinking, communication, presentation and problem-solving.

This year, Humber DECA also hosted its very own virtual conference for students across Ontario. With the participation of over forty delegates, the conference was sponsored by CPA Ontario, Kelsey’s and various small businesses, and consisted of networking sessions as well as workshops.

Devan and Olivia also discussed the club's plans to grow the chapter, collaborate with other schools, increase funding and allow students to enter the job market with real-life experience.

The Enactus Team at Humber

The Enactus Team

Enactus is a global non-profit that provides students with the opportunity to explore entrepreneurship through a low-risk experiential learning platform. The Enactus team consists of students, administrative staff, and industry leaders who are looking to solve our community's biggest problems through the use of innovative business principles.

As Enactus members, International Development students Angela Mary Isaac and Alexandra Harrislowe, and Global Business Management student Blagica Temovska presented a brief history of the organization as well as its accomplishments including:

  • Restarting Enactus at Humber
  • Creating a succession plan
  • Beginning two new projects
  • Executing two successful fundraisers
  • Preparation for competition
  • Increasing visibility within the Humber community and Enactus Canada

The Enatcus team has also established a mentorship program to improve access to business resources for Indigenous self-identifying women and girls.

Smart Purse team over Zoom

The Smart Purse

Fashion Management graduate certificate students and Faculty of Media and Creative Arts (FMCA) Web Design and Interactive Media students teamed up to work together on the "Fashion Internet of Things (IoT) Wearable Smart Purse Project" last Fall. The pilot project was an example of a cross-departmental and disciplinary partnership that allowed students to apply what they had learned, research the latest advances in fashion technology and hone teamwork skills.

The multi-faceted project was presented by Web Design and Interactive Media students Sandra Mannila and Danielle Lister, and Fashion Management graduate certificate student Poppy Pan.

In ten weeks of work - both off and online, thirty hours of project time and three product versions, the students built one final prototype named the Smart Purse “Aleo” and were elated by the success of their prototype.

Aleo incorporates a combination of smart technology and design functionality such as interior lighting and organizational system, soft wearable fabrics, notification relay, GPS tracking, safety alarm and emergency SMS.

Luciana and Zarina winning first place

The DIY Baking Challenge

As an opportunity for experiential learning, Advanced Chocolate and Confectionary Artistry students participated in a socially distanced culminating assignment created by Chef Kenneth Ku.

Students worked in groups and had six weeks to create DIY baking kits for fifteen judges to take home and make on their own time. The CIFST (Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology) sponsored the culminating assignment and provided three scholarship awards - one for each of the highest performing student groups. Upon using the kit, the judges were then asked to complete a rubric and return it to Advanced Chocolate and Confectionary Artistry Program Coordinator Susan Joseph to collate.  

First place competition winner Zarina Ismailova, discussed the assignment in detail including the process behind the kits, recipe and filming the video tutorial.

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