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Advancing The Global Region: 131 Annual Board of Trade Dinner

On Thursday, February 7th Humber Business students and faculty along with Humber Research and our partner SEW- EURODRIVE Canada connected for the 131 Board of Trade Dinner. The guests were pleasantly surprised with an armchair discussion with Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau and President and CEO of the Toronto Region Board of Trade, Jan De Silva.

The keynote speaker was global tech entrepreneur, Paddy Cosgrave who stated, “Toronto’s greatest strength is its diversity.” More than 50% of Torontonians come from outside of Canada.Canada’s biggest business gala honoured Dr. Geoffrey Hinton the 2019 Region Builder Award Recipient for his work on artificial neural networks. Dr. Hinton is commonly referred to as the “Godfather of Deep Learning,” as he’s leading the research hub focused on deep learning and machine learning in the booming AI ecosystem.

It is very evident that we have a bright future ahead. A very special thank you to Humber College for the unforgettable student experience.

Humber’s table included: Kelly Jackson, Associate Vice President, Government Relations, Marketing and Communications Darren Lawless, Dean Applied Research and Innovation Lyall Watson, from SEW-EURODRIVE Canada (One of our Barrett CTI industry partners) Maria Racanelli, Program Coordinator, Business Administration Jennifer Dawson, Program Coordinator, Fashion Arts and Business and five Humber Business students. 

“Toronto, today, is defined globally by our talent and innovation which is attracting growth capital locally and internationally. Helping our business scale and bring their innovation to market-our market and others-will define the Toronto of the future.” – Jan De Silvia, President & CEO, Toronto Region Board of Trade

“Toronto created more tech jobs than the San Francisco Bay area and Seattle & Washington combined.” –CBRE’s 2018 Scoring Tech Talent Report

Justin Trudeau walking down an aisle

Man speaking on a stage

Student and Faculty at their table during the Board of Trade Dinner

John Tory, Jan De Silvia and others at Board of Trade Dinner