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Empowering People to Resolve their Conflicts

We'll help you see things from a different perspective.

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Have you ever faced a conflict or concern and didn’t know where to begin on how to solve it, where to get help or how to ask for help? In partnership with the Alternative Dispute Resolution Program at Humber College, we have launched a service to guide you through some of the concerns you may be facing in your personal life – the Conflict Resolution Centre (CRC). Whether you’re experiencing issues on or off campus, we’re here to offer support and coach you on how to address conflict in your life. Virtual and In-person appointments are available! Our CRC Representatives are trained to offer guidance and strategies on how you can address conflict, engage in mediation, or provide you with information on the many services available to you at Humber College.

Benefits you can expect from the CRC service:

  • 100% free and confidential
  • We are skilled interns talking with students and faculty in need
  • All interns are trained community mediators and circle process facilitators in the Alternative Dispute Resolution Program
  • We have a student advisor who mentors CRC representatives and oversees operations
  • Access to Humber resources

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