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Which suit fits you?

The four pillars of business are Marketing, Management, Administration and Accounting. Find out which of the “Core 4” programs you would be best suited for by taking this fun test.

  • 1. You are looking for a career that is:

  • 2. The most important aspect you want in a career is:

  • 3. You see yourself most suited to:

  • 4. Your favorite subjects in high school were/are:

  • 5. On a team project, you would most likely:

  • 6. You would agree to 4 weeks job placement, only if:

  • 7. You are buying the latest electronic device, you would:

  • 8. When working with complex software, you would:

  • 9. You set up music playlists by:

  • 10. As manager for the day you catch someone stealing, you would:

  • 11. Which of the following careers would you be most happy in:

  • 12. Which college course would interest you the most:

  • 13. When in a sticky situation, you usually:

  • 14. When in a situation involving conflict, you want:

  • 15. In your future, you want a career with: