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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between application-based and faculty-selected awards?

Faculty-selected or in-course awards are awards students receive while studying at Humber. Students are not required to apply for faculty-selected awards. Faculty members nominate students to the Dean, who then finalizes and approves the nomination.

The Business School offers two types of application-based awards. Seven special awards (featured on the main Awards page) are available for submission through the Application Form on this site. All other application-based awards are available for submissions through students’ MyHumber account. Applications for Special Awards are accepted annually between May – September. Applications for this academic year are now closed.

2. What awards am I eligible for?

Each award contains specific criteria in order to be considered eligible for an award. Please read the criteria before applying to an award.

3. How are recipients selected for awards and scholarships?

Award recipients are selected by the Dean, program coordinators, and faculty based on a specific set of criterion outlined by the award’s donor. Scholarship recipients are selected by a scholarship committee comprised of faculty, staff, and donors. Each scholarship may have different criteria and application processes. Students must fulfill the submission requirements in order to be considered eligible candidates.

4. Am I still eligible to receive an award even though I have graduated?

Yes, awards recognize students based on their performance from the previous academic year.

5. How do I thank my donor?

Please send your completed thank you letters to Advancement and Alumni Relations in LRC, 5th floor at the North Campus or email to

6. Who do I talk to about bursaries, loans, and other needs-based funding?

Please visit Humber’s Financial Aid page here.

7. I won an award. How can I claim it?

Please be sure to update your MyHumber account with your full name, mailing address, email address, phone number, and social insurance number. This information is used for your award cheques as requested by the Advancement and Alumni Relations. Award cheques and certificates are presented at the annual awards ceremony in November. If a student is unable to attend the ceremony, the student may either pick up the package or request that it be mailed to their home address. If this is the case, please contact The Business School Awards.