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May 17, 2018 

On April 30th, 2018, Bachelor of Commerce, Marketing students traveled to Miele Canada headquarters to deliver their Capstone presentations to an audience of Miele executives and Humber faculty. The presentations were the culmination of the students' Capstone course, taught by Dr. Youssef Youssef. The purpose of the presentations was for the students to work in two teams to develop a strategic marketing plan for Miele Canada that would aim to increase Miele's market share in the Canadian market.

Alvina, Dean

Dean Alvina Cassiani attends the presentations.

Students Presenting

Students present their marketing plans to the panel of Miele executives.

Audience watching Miele presentations

Miele executives and Humber faculty were extremely impressed with the presentations.

The students worked tirelessly all semester on this project, as they attended seminars, made weekly progress reports, presented first draft presentations, and spent a total of 400 hours of work on their marketing plan.

In the end, the students' hard work paid off, as the Miele executives and Humber faculty in attendance were all extremely impressed with the Marketing students' level of professionalism, industry knowledge, public speaking skills, and confidence.

Thank you to Miele for hosting this presentation, and thank you to Miele executives, Mr. Yves Dalcourt, President, Mr. Nelson Fresco, Vice-President of Sales, Mr. Kelly Lam, Vice-President of Marketing, Eric Esguerra, Vice-President of Customer Service & Operations, Kelly McDavid, HR Director, Marco Distler Director, Own Retail, and Alan Li, Sales Analyst, for their time, insights and helpful comments regarding the student presentations.

Students Presenting

Students display their professionalism and public speaking skills.

Students Presenting

Students receive some feedback on their presentation.

Marketing students group shot

Marketing students pose for a group shot after all of their hard work.

Humber Miele Group Shot

A group shot of Marketing Students, Humber Faculty and Miele executives.

Thank you as well to the Humber faculty and staff in attendance, including Dr. Alvina Cassiani, Dean of the Business School, Dr. Paul Griffin, Associate Dean of The Business School, Dr. Trevor Smith, Operations Professor, Professor Yvone Yip, Services Marketing Professor, Professor Paul Pasquariello, Marketing Professor, Dr. Na Sui, Marketing Analytics Professor, Professor Emily Gazsynski, Marketing Professor, Dr. Amar Rahou, Finance Professor, and Dr. Pierre Pascal-Gendron.

Finally, thank you to Dr. Youssef Youssef for helping to organize this event, and for guiding the students through this rewarding process. And congratulations to the Marketing Degree Capstone course students for their hard work and professionalism!

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