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Program Success: Where Are They Now?

Engaged, professional and forward-thinking Bachelor of International Business graduate, Julia Chan receives President's Medal

Julia Chan excelled academically and was highly engaged with her academic work as a Bachelor of Commerce - International Business student. 

At Humber, Julia has been involved as a student ambassador for a number of events. She led a team of International Business students to research, prepare and host a poster session on water for International Development Week, she participated in new student orientations and played a key role as a program representative at multiple Open Houses, participating in student panels for the benefit of prospective students and their parents.

Julia’s community involvement extends beyond Humber. Recently, she served as guest speaker during an “Economics for Success Workshop” for Junior Achievement of Central Ontario. She also served as Media Coordinator during the 4th Annual Conference Symposium for the Alliance Against Modern Slavery.

Julia has overcome some personal challenges and changes in direction to become a truly outstanding student. She has taken full advantage of her time in her program to map a path for her future. She recently accepted an offer to begin her Master of Public Policy at the School of Public Policy and Governance at the University of Toronto next fall.

Julia exemplifies the engaged, professional, and forward-looking student. She will be a powerful ambassador for her program and alma mater for years to come.

International student Molan Zhang's educational journey led him from Humber College to Hong Kong. 

Molan completed both the Business Management (Logistics) Diploma (2 year in China) and the Business Administration (Logistics) Diploma (3rd year at Humber) before transferring into Humber’s Bachelor of Commerce-International Business degree program. He then went to the US and completed his MBA through our partner institution Keuka College.

Since he completed his studies, Molan has relocated to Hong Kong and is working for Schindler Group - the second largest elevator and escalator company in the world as a Financial Analyst.

Bachelor of International Business Graduate Pursuing Master's Degree at University of Toronto

Humber Bachelor of International Business graduate Julia Chan will be starting her Master's Degree at the University of Toronto in the fall. Below she tells us about how her time at Humber influenced her academic and personal journey.

Time at Humber

My time at Humber has been nothing short of an adventure. An adventure because of the people I have met, opportunities I have been exposed to, and the inner growth and self-efficacy I have experienced as a result.

I attribute my success at Humber to the faculty who have taught, mentored, and supported me throughout. Each of my professors has impacted my experience positively—and each in their own unique way. I was fortunate to have an incredible Program Coordinator, Pierre-Pascal Gendron, who early on made an effort to guide me, and ultimately helped me realize my potential. Pierre-Pascal challenged and pushed me; he helped me to mature not only as a student, but also as an individual and young professional.

Highs and Lows

Working with John Pucic on his research project: ‘Critical Thinking in the Classroom: Development of a Measurement Tool’ was one of my most meaningful experiences at Humber. John taught me a lot about organizational psychology, and it was invigorating to explore academia outside of my own classrooms, where the fruits of my labour were not grades but instead our research findings. This was very rewarding.

Another main high was obtaining a job through my co-op placement. I interned at Preyra Solutions Group (PSG), a Toronto-based healthcare consultancy, and midway through my placement was offered a full-time position as an Analyst. I am still with the company today (it has been almost a year), and my experience has been highly interesting and an education in itself. Actually, working at PSG has influenced my interest in public policy, and in particular health policy. I also did my Capstone project on PSG, and developed with my team an international business plan for the firm to enter Singapore.

Truthfully, the main low will be graduating from my program (although this is also a high!). I genuinely enjoy being a Humber student and participating in school events. I plan to maintain my involvement in the school when I graduate, but it will still be sad to leave.

Acceptance into U of T’s MPP

I was overjoyed to be accepted into the Master of Public Policy program during the first round of admission offers, and I was very proud to represent Humber in my application. The IB program instilled in me the academic diversity, intensity, and research skills required for entering the MPP program at U of T. I intend to focus my studies on economic, environmental and health policy. I also hope to eventually pursue a PhD.