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Faculty Beyond Classroom -  International Volunteering Experience

Featured in an earlier edition of the Dean’s newsletter, Parveen Gill has been actively involved in The Mentoring Partnership program offered by TRIEC for seven years. The program supports internationally trained professionals to integrate them into Canadian workplaces. Parveen has completed 10 successful mentoring partnerships with TRIEC since 2009.

This time, Parveen’s passion for giving back to society, empower people, enhance capacity and stimulate her own learning pursuit took her to Hanoi, Vietnam. She volunteered through Leave for Change program. Leave for Change is part of Uniterra, which is managed by two non-profit organizations: WUSC (World University Service Canada) and CECI (Canadian Centre for International Studies and Cooperation. Humber College, as a partner of the Leave for Change program, sponsors full-time Humber employees to participate in the program.

Non-profit organization team - Vietnam

Parveen’s main deliverables were: 

1) to review and assess college’s existing HR practices; 
2) to develop a job analysis questionnaire (JAQ) and job description tool,
3) to deliver two workshops: on JAQ for BTL and workshop on Best HR practices in the education industry to all WUSC partners in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Parveen’s contribution towards capacity building was highly appreciated.

In her own words, “I strongly encourage Humber faculty and staff to live this experience. It was a truly humbling experience. I brought back a treasure trove of stories about the economy, culture, history, work diversity, resilience, opportunities and challenges to share with my students, colleague and friends. I met wonderful people at WUSC office, other Canadian volunteers, students, and local community”.

Parveen teaching

Parveen and her team

Check out Parveen’s involvement on Facebook and on Instagram at @gillparveen04

Please reach out to Parveen at if you have any questions about available Leave for Change opportunities.