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Fraud Examiner

Certificate of Achievement | 21721

In the Fraud Examiner program, you will gain knowledge of the theoretical, investigative and analytical skills required to work in the growing industries of financial fraud examination, anti-money laundering and private investigation. You will be taught the skills to create internal controls to assist organizations in their preventative strategies and compliance regulations.

This certificate is suited to those hoping to break into the emerging field of fraud examination or for those already in industries such as law enforcement, banking, accounting, legal services, government and regulatory bodies, and who are looking to add to their experience with related certification. The program is designed for students pursing the Certified Fraud Examiner, the Ontario Private Investigators Licence requirements, and Canadian Anti-Money Laundering Institute requirements.

Additional Information

Due to the fact this is a fast-track program, you will want to purchase the textbooks early. Please see booklist.

NOTE: This program will be discontinued in Winter 2019. No new students will be admitted to the program.

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