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February 6, 2019


Upon graduation from the International Development Degree at Humber, Ryan Geleynse began working with EduDeo Ministries as the Eastern Canada Key Relationship Manager. EduDeo is an organization that works to advance and support Christian education around the world. Ryan’s job is to build relationships with EduDeo’s donors, whether households, schools, churches or foundations, and to find alignment between their passions and the organization’s projects.

Ryan secured a placement during his degree with World Renew, an organization linked to the Christian Reformed Church. His placement in the Global Volunteer Department became a source of income and employment as he completed his degree. World Renew places hundreds of volunteers in roles around the world every year to respond to disasters, work in community development or to service communities. Ryan loved that the organization’s volunteers would range from students to retirees.

Ryan says, “I’m so thankful for education I received at Humber. My degree provided a critical lens for engaging some of the challenges within the sector. I can approach our donors with confidence, knowing I’m there to advocate on behalf of our partners, providing necessary nuance to conversations that may head off the rails, otherwise. However, I miss the readings, the papers around topics I found provoking, and classroom discussions we had at Humber.”

Ryan married during his time at Humber College. His wife works in the international development field, too; however, her career has been suspended as she gave birth to their first child in July, Oliver, a baby boy. Congratulations!

Husband, wife and infant child

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