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Humber HR Degree Alumni: Where Are They Now?

Kirsten Engineer: 2016

Kirsten Engineer, a Bachelor of Commerce Human Resources Management student exemplified the best qualities in a student and classmate.

She was deeply engaged and enthusiastic; always ready to help a classmate, ask a thought­-provoking question, or add a positive comment or suggestion. Rising above personal challenges, she’s truly been an inspiration to those who know her.
This past year, Kirsten was an executive member of the Human Resources Students’ Association (HRSA), where she founded the “Let’s Talk” Mentorship Program that connects 1st to 3rd-year students with 4th-year students. She also helped organize numerous events, including the HRSA’s successful Evening Conference.
Kirsten’s deep commitment to the larger community, both at Humber and beyond, is shown in several ways. After getting to know several students with disabilities by being a peer note taker in 1st year, Kirsten continued to keep in touch with them and help them with questions and school work preparation.
She established group study sessions for students in several programs and volunteered numerous hours helping Engineering Technology students with their job search skills. Kirsten has also been a volunteer tutor for local elementary and high school students and has fundraised to support underprivileged children, the SickKids Foundation, and the Canadian Cancer Society.
Kirsten is a leader in the best sense of the word. There is no doubt that she will be a wonderful ambassador for Humber in years to come.

Marta Tsap: 2015

What are the 2 or 3 things you most enjoy about your job?

What I really love in my current job is the variety. When I interviewed for this position, my now boss emphasized the fact that no 2 days are ever the same. Since day 1 that has been the case. With 150 employees and 11 offices across southwestern Ontario, something can always come up and it usually does! I also really enjoy the team I work with. An open, friendly, positive work environment that really does focus on its core values and the importance of communication makes all the difference! Working collaboratively and openly discussing the day to day matters with my team has been a great learning opportunity for me.

Sara Smolej: 2014

How did you find your current position? 

I found this position via the Humber HR Co-op Job Posting portal. I started my co-op job search in October/November, hoping to land something before the year ended. However, it was a very competitive market and so my job search continued into April when I received an offer from SOCAN. The key is to not give up, keep attending those interviews!

Kendra Martin: 2013

If you could choose one very important tip for current HR degree students, what would it be? 

When you have the time, get involved with your community. Whether this is early on, or later in your third or fourth years, volunteer for a great cause. If it’s related to Human Resources or just something you’re interested in that will allow you to flex some of your business knowledge or skills, try to fit it in. Volunteering can take so many forms: long-term projects, short-term projects, or even an event. Not only will it open up new possibilities that you might not have considered, but it’s an excellent networking opportunity as well.

Kirstin Lansdown: 2012

What are the top 2-3 ways that the HR degree program prepared you for your HR career so far?

The internship was crucial in getting my career off to a strong start. So I’m very appreciative that it was built into the program and for the support from the Placement Advisors. I found the program helped really give me a strong foundation to speak to any part of the business, whether it was Supply Chain, Accounting, Strategic Management etc. The program encompassed a full rounded look at business and at Human Resources which allows you to jump in anywhere and support any department in a varied capacity. It enabled me to be a better HR partner.