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Tips on How to Network Effectively

Preparing for a Networking Event

  • Research the company
  • Prepare a list of questions you would like to ask representatives
  • Know your skills, qualifications and interests
  • Be prepared to answer basic questions about your degree, diploma, career aspirations, and preferred job location
  • Prepare a one minute commercial about yourself

Impressing the Employers

  • Become familiar with the different booths
  • Visit the booths by yourself, not with a group of friends
  • Be warm, friendly, and self-confident
  • Approach all the representatives that you had planned to speak to
  • Greet the representative with a handshake and introduce yourself
  • Ask your questions
  • Request/take brochures and reports concerning the company
  • Offer to leave a copy of your resume or a business card
  • Be prepared to answer questions clearly and concisely
  • Request a business card and mention your interest in following up at a later date
  • Thank the representative for his/her time – Handshake
  • After you have approached all the representatives that you wanted to meet, review your notes and the information received
  • Return to ask more specific questions if necessary

“First impressions are lasting impressions”

  • Dress to impress
  • Handle this event as you would a regular interview
  • Show professional attitude: knowledge, initiative, enthusiasm

Be prepared:

  • Bring résumés/business cards, portfolio and… more enthusiasm
  • Arrive early:
  • Be ready to wait, wear comfortable shoes, don’t get overwhelmed!

Follow Up

  • A few days after the event, follow-up with the employer
  • Attempt to set up another meeting
  • Request to forward your resume
  • Arrange for a future follow up conversation
  • A follow up can take place by telephone or in writing