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International Development Week

International Development Week is celebrated Canada-wide to showcase the work done around the world by Canadians aiming to alleviate inequality and prevent social injustice.

International Development Week is another enriching experience held annually at Humber and organized by students. This week long event includes industry guest speakers, a marketplace developed with industry partners as well as interactive workshops and events.

International Development Week 2016: Water

Truly the most valuable resource on the globe – how does water shape people’s lives, drive economies and support healthy societies?

opening ceremonies

IDW 2016: Opening Ceremonies


IDW 2016: Panel - A Right to Water

Trivia Showdown

IDW 2016: Trivia Smackdown

washing hands

IDW 2016: Panel - The Myth of Water Abundance in Canada

students reading pamphlets

IDW 2016: NGO Marketplace

International Development Week 2015: Maternal, Newborn and Child Health

Nutrition is so important. IDW 2015 examined the impact of hunger on the health of mothers and children.

eating insects

IDW 2015: Insect Protein Workshop

students eating lunch

IDW 2015: Lunch & Learn

NGO volunteer

IDW 2015: NGO Marketplace

student taking a picture of a digital bar code

IDW 2015: Opening Ceremonies and Photo Exhibit

answering trivia questions

IDW 2015: Trivia Smackdown

Minister of State giving a speech

IDW 2015: Highlight Video

Kent Schroeder

IDW 2015: Degree Lecture Series

Panel discussion

IDW 2015: Panel Discussion

International Development Week Photos

marketplace Taking It Global booth


opening ceremony

Opening Ceremony


Trivia Showdown & Closing

water conservation

Panel Discussion: The Myth of Water Abundance in Canada--the Need for Conservation

water loss

Water Loss Management Interactive Demonstration