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PPAC Future Course Offerings

Due to COVID-19, our courses have been postponed and our course offerings, as well our registration date will be updated shortly. We are working on offering PPAC courses remotely, and the dates/timings will be updated soon as well. Please check back later to get the updated course offering schedule or if you would like to receive an email as soon as a specific PPAC course offering becomes available, please email Yogyata Sharma at Please include the following in your email:

 Your Full name
Your province of residence
Your course of Interest: (PPAC 1, PPAC 2 and/or PPAC 3)

Out of Toronto Sessions

Course Date
PPAC 2 Regina Postponed - This course will be rescheduled at a later date.
PPAC 2 Regina (Sold out) Postponed - This course will be rescheduled at a later date.
PPAC 3 Regina November 2-6, 2020


Whether you are an HR professional, plan administrator, or member of a pension committee, you require a sound working knowledge of registered pension plans, including the ability to interpret, and accurately complete, federal and provincial regulatory reporting documentation. You must have knowledge about emerging trends in pension design and investment, government legislation, actuarial valuations and pension accounting. PPAC provides this essential background.

The PPAC program is delivered in three, one week seminars that progressively build your pension expertise. See information on each below.

Note: The PPAC program must be completed within five years from the start date of your first PPAC module.

Seminar content continually reflects industry changes and trends. The following describes subjects that may be addressed in each level.