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Burlodge Canada Limited

For over 20 years, Burlodge Canada Ltd has provided meal delivery equipment to the healthcare food service industry.

The company’s innovative and human factor friendly equipment is recognized by professionals as the most effective solution to guarantee hot food hot and cold food cold at the patient bedside. Burlodge provides equipment and client services in every Province. Over 40 million meals are served on Burlodge meal delivery equipment each year in hospitals and long term care locations in Canada. Burlodge supports the Food and Nutrition Department at Humber because it recognizes the importance of developing and sustaining talent within healthcare food service management. Burlodge Canada is a strong partner.

Through a generous donation, students in the Food and Nutrition Program have hands-on access to a Burlodge meal delivery system in the food lab at Humber, allowing them to complete menu development, test the re-heating of various products available in the market, and become familiar with mission critical equipment common to the majority of healthcare kitchens.

Burlodge Canada opens its doors each year to student internship placements providing supervised learning opportunities at its head office in Brampton, Ontario. Burlodge’s senior leadership team assign projects and arranges for healthcare location site visits so students can gain hands-on appreciation for real life business challenges and opportunities. The projects completed by the students help shape the future of Burlodge, not to mention influence and improve the way in which healthcare food service operates in Canada. Placement at Burlodge is to be a true bridging experience between study and practicum supported every day by industry professionals. What a great way to make an entry into the world of healthcare food service.

Each year, Burlodge Canada holds a writing contest for the students of Food and Nutrition asking them to research and submit articles to the blog ‘’. Learning is through an act of sharing. For a company like Burlodge, it is a moral obligation to help improve the way in which information is shared between healthcare food service employees. By placing information inside a public blog, Burlodge has captured the sharing thus providing a portal of leveraged thinking for current leaders as well as future leaders. Humber students participate in writing exciting articles and a generous award is provided by Burlodge to the best researched and written article.

Burlodge celebrates the accomplishments of the Food and Nutrition Department students by providing two awards which are handed out at the Awards and Scholarships event each year. The Burlodge Canada Award celebrates leadership and creativity of a graduating student while the Susan Ginther Award is presented to a student entering the Food and Nutrition Department who has achieved honours grades in high school and who demonstrates an understanding of customer satisfaction through quality control.

Burlodge is extremely proud of its growing partnership with Humber College and looks forward to many years of involvement.