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April 12, 2018 

Humber Students working for the Voucher for E-Business Program recently completed two web-design projects for Tree of Life and GAD Technologies.

The VEB Program exists to provide small- to medium-sized businesses from many industries across Ontario with e-business solutions and social media strategies.

Students from various schools and programs work at the VEB Program in a paid, extracurricular capacity. Some of the programs include Digital Business Management, Creative Photography, and Digital Communications.

Along with Hanadi Alnawab, the Program Coordinator for the Bachelor of Commerce - Digital Business Management degree program, the students worked with the two clients to assess their vision for the website and the best way to showcase their services and products.

"We are absolutely DELIGHTED with the project completed by the VEB team led by Professor Hanadi Alnawab at Humber College," said Dr. Suzy Casimiro, Tree of Life Senior Caregiving Services. "The Tree of Life is grateful for all their hard work and that we got to meet and work with such amazing, creative individuals. We feel very privileged to have been a part of this amazing project."

Check out the designs for the VEB Program's work for Tree of Life and GAD Technologies.

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