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June 19, 2019 

The purpose of the Innovation of the Year Awards is to recognize college employees who have designed and implemented significant innovations that positively impact the education of students at Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. This year Faculty of Business Professors, Hanadi Alnawab and Farah Jamal Karmali won for their innovations and contributions to Humber students' educational process.

Hanadi Alnawab Headshot

Hanadi Alnawab received the League For Innovation in the Community College Award for her brainchild, HumberOnline.Solutions. HumberOnline.Solutions connects multidisciplinary teams of Humber students and faculty with small businesses in Ontario to develop digital solutions to support their online needs. The program engages students and professors from across Humber: the Faculty of Business, the Faculty of Media and Creative Arts and the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences and Innovative Learning are all involved. Teams of Humber students work collaboratively on solving real business problems by working directly with a business owner. The program offers services ranging from website development, graphic design and brand development through to professional writing and communications. These hands-on industry experiences are key for students, but they also foster economic growth in Ontario by providing small businesses with sustainable digital solutions.

Farah Jamal Karmali headshot

Farah won an Innovation of the Year Award for her implementation of Cyberbahn Platform and Fast Company Software in the Corporate Law Procedure course. For the Corporate Procedures Law Clerk class, Karmali collaborated with Cyberbahn to give students mock access to the ONBIS database and the ability to incorporate companies or perform other law clerk functions as if they were on the job. Karmali also worked with industry leader Do Process to provide Humber students with free access to Fast Company, the dominant corporate database and document production software in the legal market. Students can now create minute books using this software, just as they would on the job. These innovations provide greatly enhanced, 21st-century learning experiences for Humber law clerk students, and give them a distinct advantage in the marketplace.

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