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September 24, 2018 

The Blue Jays Care Foundation works with youth and their families in various community and social services organizations. Every year they organize a day of learning, fun and exploration as part of International Youth Day celebrations. This year’s theme was Career Day and they called upon the Placement Centre to contribute their energy and expertise. Camille Bacaksizlar and Mary Cantisano developed and delivered a 90-minute seminar on Networking. This was a fun, interactive and motivating seminar. The information and activities built upon the participants’ skills, unique style and helped them understand strategies to improve their networking. One of the best feedback comments about this workshop was “Humber killed it!” (We were told this was a good thing). Moreover, the advisors engaged in post-seminar discussions with the participants, which clearly indicated this seminar was meaningful for this group of youth! We look forward in taking part in similar events in the future.

International Day

Blue Jays Care Foundation

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