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By James Anderson

April 2, 2019 

“Don’t be afraid,” says Andreas Kentris, 2nd year Business Marketing student. This is his principal advice to Humber Marketing students looking ahead to internships.

Getting Brave

He took those words to heart at last fall’s Digital Marketing Spotlight where he met members of the team from TechWyse Internet Marketing. Following the formal presentations, he approached the team and engaged with them. He found the team friendly and welcoming and felt like he could “fit with the team”. So, he got brave and asked them about internships – particularly, in sales. He says the team members were very enthusiastic and one offered him company contact information. Andreas followed through and now he is an intern in their sales department!

It should be no surprise that he’s now working with an internet marketing agency as he’s always loved all things digital media; he’s a regular user of Instagram, Reddit, YouTube and various sports Apps.

The Next Big Thing

Previously, he tried his hand at the real estate market but realized it wasn’t for him. So, he turned to the family business. His father was in advertising and Andreas had been intrigued when he saw “ideas come to life” through the creativity of marketing. After researching the Humber Marketing program – and its focus on digital – he concluded it would be a good fit.

When asked why he’s chosen sales for his career, he said it “suits his personality” as he’s social and enjoys meeting new people. Business careers, he notes, are all about networking, meeting the “right” person and trying to find “the next big thing”.

Mastering the Craft

In addition, he’s pragmatic. Sales departments are critical to every business and sales careers can be very lucrative if you can master the craft. And how to master that craft is what he’s learning at his internship with TechWyse.

He spends three to four hours each day making cold calls to potential new clients for the company, and at least one or two hours sitting with an experienced member of the sales team learning the ropes.

Just Like First Dates

“There’s a perception that sales is selling,” he says, “but, really, sales is listening.” In a nutshell, first calls (cold calls) are like first dates: they’re all about getting to the second date – by paying attention to and responding to the cues coming from the other person. Overcoming customer objections, he says, means “finding which point excites” the customer and then playing to that. An excited customer is a customer who’s much closer to conversion.

“Everybody’s good with the opening,” he adds, “but, it’s the closing that matters.” So, don’t be afraid. Get to the point. And you just might find yourself with a successful internship and a lucrative new career.

Head shot of Andreas Kentris

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