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February 22, 2018 

On February 13th, an enthusiastic group of Business Students, along with members of the Placement Centre, visited the TJX Canada Home Office for a tour of the company headquarters. Students from the Business School were welcomed by the TJX staff. The tour began with an introduction to the layout of the modern building and its many contemporary facilities such as vendor rooms, leisure areas, merchandising and more. A brief presentation about the mission, vision and values of the company was interactively presented by Ria Arora and other TJX Canada team members, including Humber alumni. The representatives answered many questions from students on career prospects at TJX Canada. Students also received insight into the day-to-day activities of buyers and merchandisers and the dynamic culture and workplace atmosphere at TJX Canada. The tour was a success with positive feedback from all who participated.

Business Students Tour TJX Canada Home Office

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