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December 14, 2018 

On November 22, the first Fashion PR Seminar for both Public Relations and Fashion Management and Promotions students was held. The seminar was a collaboration between Annette Borger-Snel and Rossie Kadiyska, program coordinators of the respective academic programs, who saw the need for a fashion-focused public relations workshop for students seeking knowledge in this part of the industry. Participants in the seminar were provided with information on creative tactics, sourcing and building relationships with influencers, and working with the media. Students were able to apply their newfound knowledge and work in groups to build their own PR strategies for a Canadian brand. The hands-on seminar was a huge success with the students, and feedback from the participants included full agreement to hold the Fashion PR Seminar again, build on it and make it a credit for co-curricular activity.

PR and Fashion Students at Fashion PR Seminar

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