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January 15, 2018 

At Humber, we are committed to making sure our students get real-world experience and are career-ready. One way students are able to do this is through the Voucher for E-Business Program.

Hanadi Alnawab, the Program Coordinator for the Bachelor of Commerce - Digital Business Management degree program, leads the Voucher for E-Business Program. The VEB Program exists to provide small- to medium-sized businesses from many industries across Ontario with e-business solutions and social media strategies.

By hiring a student staff, the VEB Program allows businesses to take advantage of our students' innovative, creative thinking and professional skill set. Similarly, students are able to apply what they’ve been learning in their programs in a real-world professional situation.

Students from various schools and programs work at the VEB Program in a paid, extracurricular capacity. Some of the programs include Digital Business Management, Creative Photography, and Digital Communications

Students execute a range of services for VEB clients. They help develop the business’s website, including the graphic design, branding, WordPress development, photography and videography. When the site is ready for launch, the students train the owners on how to update and maintain the site.

Find out what students have to say about the VEB Program, as well as browse past student work.

Students brainstorming ideas

Students Shooting Footage

Students working at table

Students shooting footage in apartment

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