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January 31, 2018 

On January 10th, a retiree dinner was held for Tammie Dunnett, Nancy Kerry and Anita Adamek to thank them for their years of service to Humber and The Business School. We want to thank these three for their years of hardwork and dedication and wish them a happy retirement! 

Tammie Dunnett

Tammie at retirement dinner

For over 25 years, Tammie’s colleagues and friends at Humber have all described her as someone who is incredibly supportive, reliable, trustworthy and thoughtful. During her 17 years in The Business School, Tammie took on progressive responsibilities and always strived to contribute more to the team. As a receptionist she was always willing to guide and support faculty and staff, whether it was by ‘lending an ear’ or consulting on policies and processes, she always put others first. As a Scheduler, she played an integral role in the development of The Business School’s in-house scheduling database system. The system eliminated many of the complications inherent to scheduling across multiple programs, campuses and credentials. In her role as Administrative Assistant, she was indispensable in ensuring that The Business School operated smoothly across all 38 programs, two campuses and between five Associate Deans. It is difficult to put into words what Tammie has meant to Humber College and The Business School. Tammie always came to work with a smile, a positive ‘can-do’ attitude, and a mindset to continually improve the services provided to the students, faculty and staff. The Business School congratulates Tammie on a wonderful career, it has been an absolute pleasure to know and work with her.

Nancy Kerry

Nancy Kerry at retirement dinner

Nancy has had a long career at Humber College beginning as a graduate of the Accounting Diploma. She held various support staff positions including Project Coordinator and Coordinator of the Centre for Employee Benefits (CEB). As the Coordinator of Employee Benefits, Nancy did invaluable work in managing the logistics of the CEB program across the country. She was responsible for the organization, finance and recruitment of employers to participate in the CEB pension workshops – employers included the RCMP, pension and benefits administrators from all levels of government and many prestigious law firms from across the country. Nancy always came to work with a beautiful smile and high energy. We know you will enjoy the ‘good life’ with your family and friends!

Anita Adamek

Anita Adamek at retirement dinner

From advancements in technology to the age of social media, Anita’s successful career of 30 years with Humber College witnessed significant progress and change. Even with these changes, Anita’s ability to adapt through continued professionalism and unwavering dedication to student success had been constant. Continuing to coach and guide thousands of students in various ways, Anita constantly brought her kind and composed manner to all situations. Important to also note, Anita is an accomplished artist who expresses her gift through painting. This next life chapter will give Anita more time to embrace her passions given her love of art, nature and adventure along with her commitment as a dedicated volunteer. Thank you Anita, we wish you the very best.

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