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May 10, 2018 

Two business school professors, Jennifer Dawson and Rossie Kadiyska, attended International Week at Saxion University in the Netherlands from March 19-23. The visit was very productive in terms of class time (9 sessions), student interaction, faculty meetings (over 30) and collaborative project exploration. Both, Jennifer and Rossie were able to connect to a wide team of professors from different countries including Belgium, Turkey, Ukraine, Estonia, Indonesia, Spain, Finland, UK, Netherland, England, China, and the Czech Republic.

Jennifer and Rossie taught five classes over two days at two separate campuses/cities on the topic of Sustainable Fashion. The feedback on the teaching sessions was extremely positive with students coming to them after classes and telling them how much they appreciated their teaching style. Students also inquired about doing a term abroad at Humber.

Jennifer and Rossie also met with faculty and researchers from different Saxion schools (Applied Psychology and Human Resources; School of Creative Design, Innovation and Entrepreneurship). Saxion proudly exhibited their work on durable textiles, interactive smart textiles, and their innovative cross-departmental student-industry smart solutions projects. (Durable textiles i.e. developing new materials from recycled fiber, researching biomaterials and designing for recycling. Interactive smart textiles: textiles that respond to changes in the environment).

In the end, opportunities for joint collaboration were identified in both the areas of Fashion and Sustainability. Some of these opportunities included Saxion's Sustainability Business program sharing resources with Humber, study abroad opportunities, and much, much more.

Congrats to Jennifer and Rossie on their very productive and successful visit.

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