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September 24, 2018 

Students from Parul University, Humber’s academic partner in India, participated in a two-week Leadership Beyond Boundaries program at the Lakeshore campus in August. The students were introduced to systems and design thinking for social innovation. After selecting a complex social problem found in their home community they would like to explore more, the students used systems thinking as a tool to identify the relevant stakeholders and gain a better understanding of the system’s behaviour. Mapping the system allowed students to zoom out, learn how all the different parts of the system are interrelated and identify possible intervention points. Using a human-centred design approach, students then framed the problem and zoomed in on one solution that they could implement in their home community while being full-time students. By the end of the program, the Parul Univeristy students pitched a social enterprise as a solution to the problem. Both student groups revealed they hope to submit a proposal for start-up funding at Parul University in the following semester as they believe their solution is feasible and sustainable.

Parul University Leadership Beyond Borders Students

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