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July 31, 2017


This summer, International Development student, Nathaniel Taylor, had the opportunity and privilege of meeting and speaking with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Currently, Nathaniel is completing his work placement at the Heritage Lower Saint Lawrence nonprofit organization located in the Quebec village, Metis-sur-Mer. There, Nathanial is helping to serve the English speaking community in the area by mobilizing people and resources, and by promoting interests like improving their health services.

When he heard that the Prime Minister was making an appearance and speaking at a public event nearby, he immediately decided to attend after work.

At the event, Nathaniel had the unique opportunity to ask the Prime Minister if he had any advice for young Canadian professionals working in the international development field. Nathaniel also told the Prime Minister about his upcoming role as an Environmental Sustainability Officer with a Canadian organization called EQWIP HUBs working in Senegal.

His response was for Canadians in this field to work for smaller organizations who are working to improve the lives of women and girls. This is how we will achieve the greatest change in developing communities.

“This was a special moment for me,” said Nathanial about the Prime Minister’s response. “It has inspired me to do my best and effective work when I am in Senegal with EQWIP HUBS.”

Congratulations to Nathaniel on his success and best of luck with your work in Senegal.

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