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June 18, 2018 

George Paravantes MFA IxD, Program Coordinator Multimedia Design and Development, has helped the Humber Spa develop their "Evaluapp." George described the purpose of the app and how it works.

"The Humber Spa App is a Tablet Application focused on moving the conversion forward on Mobile Learning tools in the classroom. The Tablet Application is focused on helping facilitate the “Moment of Need” and feedback to students as a Mobile Learning Support Tool.

The tablet application has been designed using Human Centered Design methods to better understand both the lab technologist and student needs. The Tablet App enables lab technologists to mark more effectively and share student feedback in real time. The classroom tablet scenario can be either an assessment or an evaluation.

Many of the in-process evaluations and assessments technologists use in labs tend to be on paper and require a transfer to a digital LMS system which can delay crucial feedback for students. Timely feedback can help to progress students more confidently in a project in class. Critical feedback at the right moments can sometimes create the creative confidence we look to instill in the students' project and work.

Finally, the tablet application has been purposely designed to be used not just by one program at Humber but any program or school across the college that evaluates or assess in-process work. It imports banner students list and lets the technologist create Assessments and Evaluations with a rubric in a fast intuitive gesture driven touch Interface."

Evaluapp Poster

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