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April 10, 2019 

The first Collaborative Online International (COIL) Project between Humber College and its partner institution Saxion University, Netherlands, was completed in March 2019.

COIL is an emerging pedagogy that transforms online education by providing meaningful international experiences to students and prepares them for being a global, career-ready citizen for the 21st century.

The project came as a result of the visit of Rossie Kadiyska, Program Coordinator, Fashion Management and Promotions Ontario Graduate Certificate, to International Week at Saxion University in March 2018. One year of work and online collaboration followed and the pilot project was launched in February 2019. During the six weeks of the project, students were given a common assignment, met online through video conferencing and worked together on delivering results. The project was led by Rossie Kadiyska and Saxion Prof. Adrianna Sokal.

The students completed deliverables and produced successful results with the international partner by working in a virtual team. All students agreed that the project was an extremely valuable tool and a step towards preparing them for being successful in the new emerging workplace. The post-project feedback from the students was extremely positive. Humber and Saxion are working together towards making the project sustainable and part of the regular curriculum.

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