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By James Anderson

May 7, 2019 

Grads Give Back is an annual event held by the two-year Business Marketing diploma at Humber College. It welcomes graduates who are working in various careers to speak to final semester students about their paths from Humber and to provide insights, tips, and advice.

Just the Beginning

“Graduating is just the beginning,” said Maria Almendariz. Now a Marketing Assistant at Puratos, she reminded us that it’s important to have both a short-term and long-term plan for the job-search. Tailor your resume and cover letters to match job postings and highlight school accomplishments and don’t forget to network! Build your online portfolio because everyone can answer questions in an interview, but your personal branding and portfolio will help you stand out.

Exchange of Value

“You want to get the job; not just a job,” says Serean Bechara, Content Marketing Coordinator at WheelsUpNetwork. She explains that a job is an exchange of value where both you and the employer will benefit from your skills - highlight your value. Remember to interview the company and determine if there’s a fit. Questions are a signal of interest – and will be noticed. Attend job-related workshops offered by Humber. Their LinkedIn workshop helped Serean improve her LinkedIn presence.

Communication is key

Trisha Smith, an Account Manager at Nutralab Canada, stressed the importance of communication skills. Confidence helps, too. “The interview is you,” she noted, and “all the certifications in the world mean only so much.” Be true to yourself, stick with your core values and try to do what you love. She offered this job advice: focus on attention-to-detail and staying organized as they are key components in keeping the job; they build trust with your new employer.

Match Keywords

“Quality matters more than quantity,” said Mathias Trentin Neves, an SEO Specialist with HiMama. Companies use scanning software to match qualifications with requirements. Tweak your resume (and cover letter) to match each job posting. For international students, Mathias suggested getting involved in community organizations and volunteering to gain Canadian references, which he did.

Tell a Story

Luiz Rodolfo Oliveira, a Junior Marketing Analyst at Little Rocket, touched on continuous learning and staying up-to-date on digital trends and taking advantage of certification opportunities with Google’s online learning portal. Also be sure to demonstrate your ability to use analytical tools and understand that metrics can be an impressive way to tell your story to employers.

We Are All Brands Now

“Learn, learn, learn,” said Melissa Fiorillo, Media Strategist at Postmedia Network Inc. Send your resume to friends to see if it is compatible across platforms. Importantly, clean up your social media! We are all brands so you want your personal branding to work for you and not against you. Employers will check your social media accounts. Melissa also suggested brushing up on your small talk. “My whole interview for the job I have now was small talk,” so, polish yours until it sparkles.

Good Luck

Good luck to all the new grads and take note of the advice from those that have gone before you!

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